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Supply Chains Strengthened On “Silk Road” With New Navis Implementation

21 Nov 2016 9:38 PM | Christon Valdivieso

Authored by: Patrick Burnson

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Navis, a part of Cargotec Corporation and provider of operational technologies and services that unlock greater performance and efficiency for the world’s leading organizations across the shipping supply chain, recently announced that Khorgos Gateway Dry Port in Kazakhstan is live with Navis’ industry leading N4 terminal operating system (TOS) in place.

In concert with China’s major “One Belt One Road” initiative, which aims to rebuild trade links across Eurasia to Western Europe, Khorgos is investing in the a high standard of terminal hardware and software under the expansion of this transcontinental trade and infrastructure project.

“This development offers more transparency for supply chain managers and pulling back the lens for terminals, carriers, and shippers,” says Andy Barrons, Navis Sr. Vice President and CMO.

Khorgos Gateway Dry Port is strategically located on the Kazakhstan-Chinese border, along the New Silk Road, and is under the management of DP World, which was chosen to oversee the development and maintenance of this important terminal. The revival of the Silk Road has been a key initiative for Kazakhstan since 1990 and is a major step in advancing transcontinental commerce.

In an interview with SCMR, Barrons noted that the opening of this trade route has strong economic implications, as it not only bolsters land-trade between Europe and Asia, but will also be the site of a new trade-hub city that many are likening to the Jebel Ali Free Trade Zone in Dubai.

“Ultimately, Khorgos is expected to become a central trade destination for manufacturing, transshipping, warehousing, importing, and exporting,” he says.

Importantly, the Dry Port also supplies the local markets and currently serves as a transshipment hub for the cargo arriving from China and destined for Western Europe and CIS nations. Khorgos Gateway expects to close out 2016 with an annual TEU of between 45,000 and 50,000 and expects that number to dramatically increase in 2017, projecting between 175,000 and 200,000 TEUs.

“The development and expansion at Khorgos Gateway represents a major stepping stone for Kazakhstan’s history and future. We are putting all of our focus on making Khorgos the epicenter of this new trade hub that in five years could be on par with cities like Dubai,” says Jayant Lanjewar, Operations Director for Khorgos. “With such ambitious growth goals, it is vital that our operations surpass industry standards and thus, Navis was the clear choice when selecting our TOS, as its solution is the most comprehensive in the industry.”

The implementation of N4 allows Khorgos a smoother and faster exchange of data among terminal functions, including the recording of all TOS services, clear communication of process-oriented operations and efficient planning for higher productivity. The terminal is focused on building the most modern dry port operation possible to meet increasing transshipment volume and is committed to implementing the best software to complement its high-level automation.

“Khorgos’ operations are among the most advanced in the region and serve as a leading example for terminals world-wide that are looking to achieve cost-efficient and consistent automation,” says Guenter Schmidmeir, VP & General Manager, EMEA for Navis.

“The terminal is not only prepared to roll out its fully automated equipment, but has also built an effective software infrastructure to support it. Navis is looking forward to this ongoing partnership with Khorgos as it spearheads the continued growth and development of a new trade gateway between Asia and Europe.”


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