Senior Management Night 2014 Recap

19 May 2014 8:53 PM | Deleted user
Every year, APICS Phoenix dedicates one dinner meeting to the executives and senior managers of our companies and leaders in our field, and present our annual awards. 

This year's Senior Management Night featured Subba Nishtala  as the speaker.  We had a large number of first-time PDM attendees, including several of our invited managers. There were also a couple recent graduates who attended the PDM, and we are always happy to see students and college grads among our PDM attendees.

Subba led us through a discussion on engagement between functional work groups.  Specifically, in order for IT to provide a satisfactory solution, they must engage and be engaged with the internal customer they are providing it to.  Likewise, is a specific function, like purchasing, needs an IT solution, they must engage their IT counterparts to work together on the best possible solution.  It is not about assigning projects or specifying solutions and demanding adherence, it is about adding value so that the important players get a seat at the table.  While the conversation was focused around supply chain and IT, the principles we discussed could be applied to any pairing of traditionally silo'd departments.  

Kicking off our annual awards presentation, the Company of the Year went to Coco-Cola.  We have had a number of in-house classes this year at Coco-Cola, and their support for APICS and the Body of Knowledge made them a clear candidate for the award. 

Member of the Year was awarded, to my surprise, to yours truly, Laura Winger.  I am very grateful for the recognition and everything that APICS Phoenix has done for me, and honored to receive the award this year.   

Thank you to everyone who invited their managers, brought guests and attended the event!  We look forward to seeing you at the next PDM in August!

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